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Swimming Pool Maintenance Cleaning Companies in Dubai UAE

A swimming pool is one place where we as a whole need to be on a hot day. Swimming is such an unwinding activity, and it is appreciated by individuals of any age. Children cherish sprinkling, while grown-ups love swimming in the water. Swimming is a brilliant game, and lessens fat also. An impeccable swimming pool adds a great deal of class to a delightful home. On the off chance that you are getting a pool or re-trying your old pool, read on!

Swimming Pool Basics:

Normally, a swimming pool has the accompanying real parts:

o Basin

o Motor pump

o Water channel

o Chemical feeder

o Drains

o Returns

o PVC plastic pipes associating these components

A decent pool will have all the accompanying segments, so the water is moved constantly from the channel, cleaning it, now and again through the radiator likewise, with the goal that normal temperature is kept up. The water is reliably cleaned utilizing the concoction feeders, with the assistance of chlorine, as it keeps water free from any microscopic organisms.

Doing up an extraordinary pool:

The deplete framework is best laid at the lower end of the pool with the surface inclining towards it, so the water can stream effectively through the channels. The channels ought to be secured with grates so that while swimming, individuals don’t have their hair or bathing suits made up for lost time in them. A strainer is connected at the mouth of channels with the goal that any trash is gotten. A decent pool must have effective pumps that can enable water to move through the channel and substance feeder; to and from the swimming pool.

High rate sand channels are the best sort of channels that will clean the water flawlessly. They utilize sand to clean water of any garbage show. A few pools may likewise utilize the diatomaceous earth channel, or a cartridge channel. This channel cleans fine particles of flotsam and jetsam. In a perfect world in any pool, the water should pass the channel at regular intervals, and for the biggest ones, at regular intervals.

The pump and channel ought to likewise be associated with a crisp water line. Calcium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite make incredible synthetic cleaning operators. A mechanized chlorine feeder ought to be snared to the channels for good concoction filtration.

Sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate ought to be utilized according to the prerequisite, to monitor the pH ideal from 7.8 to 7.9. After filtration, the water ought to be sent back to the pool. An incredible pool requires the best of the channels, concoction channels, depletes and pumps.

A great many people take a gander at the pool and surmise that that is the most critical piece of the set up, yet in certainty similarly imperative is the pumps room, where pumps and channels are introduced. A pump room is the place the water quality is kept up. There are some different issues that one may confront while completing a pool. Some of these are:

At the point when to burrow a pool?

In opposition to prevalent idea, winter, not spring or summer is the ideal time to get a pool uncovered, as the ground isn’t wet. Delicate ground is hard to burrow and isn’t simple on overwhelming hardware also.

Sides collapsing:

The sides of the empty burrowed must incline with the goal that the sides don’t collapse. The perfect proportion ought to be a 1-foot vertical drop for each 3 even feet. Steel authorizations may likewise be utilized to keep the pool fit as a fiddle.

Green growth in the pool:

Green growth can be extremely destructive to a swimming pool, and requires substance treatment and a great deal of sifting, discharging, scouring, and skimming. Whatever sort of green growth it is, fast treatment is fundamental, as green growth rushes to assume control over the pool.

Children wellbeing:

Children are in some cases unusual, so a cover on the pool or a fence around it will protect the pool region.


In the event that the swimming pool is outside and the winters are unforgiving, it is a smart thought to place liquid catalyst in the key territories in the wake of depleting the water and putting a cover over the pool.

A swimming pool is a perfect component for your home; simply recall a decent pool requires broad arrangements, and once these are done, support is imperative.

Swimming pools are continually attacked by algae. Algae enter your swimming pool from the wind, rain, and even contaminated swim suits. Typically, the normal recommended amounts of chlorine or bromine are able to kill algae when it makes contact with the water. Be that as it may, if the pool has been dormant for a drawn out stretch of time, or if the winterizing procedure was not performed legitimately the green growth may assume control. On the off chance that this happens, the swimming pool will probably swing to a dim dark or green shading and you won’t have the capacity to try and see the base. The pool will likely require an acid wash to restore it to its former beauty and cleanliness. As a general rule of thumb if you can see the bottom of a swimming pool, you can usually bring it back with chemicals, vacuuming, and filtering. If the floor is not visible, the cost of chemicals and electricity for filtering will far exceed the cost of an acid wash. Filtering and chemicals will also take a very long time to kill and remove the algae, thus making an acid wash much more cost and time effective. In the event that green growth is by all accounts ready to become overnight even with appropriate compound support, changing the water and corrosive washing the mortar surface of your swimming pool will give you a green growth free summer.


A corrosive wash will strip a small layer of mortar off of the swimming pool, along these lines uncovering the more up to date, cleaner mortar underneath. It shouldn’t be an annual custom since it doing so will strip all of the plaster away and create a need to completely re-plaster the swimming pool. Most plaster coats of white coat or marcite are more than ½ an inch thick, so the occasional acid wash isn’t harmful to the swimming pool. Acid washes can also be used to bring out a brighter and cleaner finish for your swimming pool, and not necessarily due to an algae crisis. A swimming pool always comes out brighter and cleaner from an acid wash.

The acid used for acid washing is Muriatic acid. Muriatic acid is more commonly known as Hydrochloric acid with the chemical symbol HCl. It is found in highly concentrated forms at the average swimming pool stores, and the dangers cannot be emphasized enough. Acid is a dangerous substance. Anyone who acid washes their pool must take proper precautions to assure safe handling of the acid and to minimize exposure. Wear proper protective clothing, with an air purifying respirator designed for acid fumes. Wear safety goggles not safety glasses, rubber gloves, and boots. Pool company personnel are specially trained in acid application and acid safety.

The first thing to do for an acid wash is to drain the pool completely. As the pool drains wash and scrub it down as necessary to remove all algae and leaves. When the pool is empty and dry, it is time to begin the acid wash. Be sure to don all of your protective clothing and equipment.

To obtain the proper acid mixture of 50/50, add one gallon of acid to one gallon of water in a large flower watering can (Always add acid to water, never the other way around as you will risk an explosion). Using a running garden hose without a nozzle, wet down the walls of your pool. Keep the hose running continuously while cleaning the pool. Pour the acid down the swimming pool sides, from top to bottom, one ten foot section at a time (start at the deep end, working your way to the shallow end). Do not allow the acid to sit on the plaster for longer than thirty seconds as this will cause damage. Use an acid brush to scrub the surfaces of the pool and move the acid around. After scrubbing, rinse thoroughly and quickly. Take care to remove all of the acid from the pool walls. Any acid left behind will continue to etch the plaster. If the 50/50 acid mixture is unable to remove all of the stains, you can increase the concentration, or the length of time the acid remains on the walls, and/or scrub harder.

After the acid wash, all of the acid will have collected on the bottom of the swimming pool. It will look like a foamy acid puddle and will need to be neutralized before being pumped out. In order to neutralize the acid use 2 pounds of soda ash for every gallon of acid that has been used. Soda ash can be found at pool supply stores. Spread the soda ash over the puddle while stirring with a pool brush on a pole. Once the acid is neutralized, you may use swimming pool testing strips to measure the pH and check if the acid is neutral. Do not use a chemical testing kit as the acid may damage the plastic testing container. Neutral is on the pH scale of 7. Anything below 7 is still acidic. Once the acid is neutral, a submersible pump may be used to pump the neutralized acid out of the pool. Be careful where the neutralized acid is pumped to as it may destroy plants and kill fish, frogs, or any other living things. Once the acid is pumped out, rinse the bottom of the pool again.

Don’t rush the acid job. Do the job slowly and safely. Acid fumes can be very strong and very dangerous. Be sure your respirator can block all acid fumes. Make sure the safety goggles fully protect your eyes. Be sure to wear old pants, a long sleeve shirt, rubber gloves and rubber boots. Spray yourself off before exiting the pool. Always have a second person nearby when acid washing the pool to help with any emergencies including calling 911 should the need arise. If acid falls into the mouth, eye, ear, or on exposed skin, rinse with the hose for 15 minutes.

If the swimming pool is lined with vinyl, do not use acid. Instead use detergents and elbow grease to remove the algae from the walls. Try not drain the liner pool completely as liner is difficult to reset into place. There is also the small possibility of the pool walls collapsing.

It is strongly recommended that you hire a professional to perform the acid wash for you, rather than do it yourself. After a thorough acid wash, the swimming pool will look like brand new. With proper chemical maintenance from this point forward, the pool should not have any further significant algae problems.

Pure Water filter & air purifier in Abu Dhabi

Can you ever imagine leading a healthy life drinking water without getting it purified? It is a big No! It is a known fact across not only India but the world the toll that un purified water can take on people’s lives. It is no surprise that water-borne diseases like diarrhea, cholera and typhoid claim the lives of millions of children worldwide. And as adults have a better immune system, they do survive the diseases but develop life threatening symptoms in the long run. Hence the importance of water purification! Thanks to the manufacturers like Eureka Forbes that have come up with a series of the latest technology water purifier. Had there been no drinking water purification systems, the world would have been a difficult place to live in. A famous poet said, ‘time is tide wait for none’; do not wait for diseases to attack you. Get a water purifier today immediately and stay safe.

Pure Water filter & air purifier in Abu Dhabi

If you are confident of pure water purified in a conventional drinking water purifier such as candle filters, you are off beam. In today’s highly polluted world, such water purification systems are not at all effective. You need effective devices of the latest technology and that too as per the water type. For example, if the water in your area is full of micro organisms, you should go for the ultra violet mechanism. If it is high in TDS content, you should go for the reverse osmosis system and the like. Of course you will have to get the beneficial minerals and nutrients of the water retained. Hence you will have to use a purifier that is highly advanced enough to purify the water as well as retain all beneficial nutrients and minerals.

Abu Dhabi water

The use of the reverse osmosis system in India is not an altogether new phenomenon. Surveys conducted about the type of drinking water purification systems used in Indian homes corroborate the use of this purifying mechanism. Most of the real estate projects, especially residential complexes, incorporate the reverse osmosis water purification system in every apartment as part of the facilities offered. This is in areas where the TDS content is high. The use of the reverse osmosis water purification system in India in the villages is yet to gain momentum; with the rapid development, its influence will soon cover these areas as well.

You will come across numerous companies selling water purifiers at retail outlets and via direct sales. Choose a company that has maintained a consistent good market rapport for several years. Such a company will never compromise on its series of products. Right from incorporating the latest technology and innovation to providing excellent after sales service support, a reputed brand considers every aspect to win the trust of the consumers, satisfying them beyond their expectation levels. Go for the brand that is trusted by millions of consumers. Reading users’ reviews and comments on web will familiarize you with this factor.

Pure Water filter & air purifier in Abu Dhabi

There are different purifiers designed to suit different water types and available in varying storage capacities. A water purifier of a reputed brand will be a true archetype of innovation, style, class, aesthetics, and high technology. Reverse osmosis water systems are designed for areas where water is high in total dissolved solids. To know about the TDS content in your water, get it tested in your nearest water testing lab. You will then know whether you need reverse osmosis water systems or some other water purifier dubai

There are reverse osmosis water systems that come with multi stage purification technique ensuring that the water that flows from the faucet is 100% pure. Such systems come equipped with several filter cartridges including the RO membrane; this also ensures enhanced life of the cartridges. You can thus get pure water without fail.


Pure Water filter & air purifier in Abu Dhabi

Best water purifier in uae

Right from prevention and alleviation of headaches to moisturizing of the skin, prevention of constipation, proper digestion, reduction of joint pain, the benefits of water are many. It cannot be enlisted in a single review or article. In short, water facilitates overall good health. Here comes the importance of the use of water purifiers. Water is no doubt life but UN purified water is equally dangerous to health given the increasing pollution levels. If you get your tap water tested you will get a report of the presence of multitudes of contaminants encompassing micro organisms, new age pollutants, chemicals, industrial waste, dissolved matter, and what not. Use of water purifiers is a must to deem the water safe for drinking. Again, conventional purifiers won’t be effective; you will need advanced systems. The best purifiers are advanced systems that come incorporated with the latest technology and are designed based on years of research. The term ‘best’ may not denote all modern models representative of different brands. There are also cheap systems available in the market and via direct sales. As a wise consumer, it is up to you to choose.

Best water purifier in uae

In the Indian market, it is the reverse osmosis water purifiers Dubai that are used in most regions. The reason is simple. Reverse osmosis is recommended for use in areas where TDS (total dissolved solids) in water is high. No other purification mechanism can prove to be as effective as reverse osmosis. There are numerous manufacturers in the Indian market in this segment. A promise of superlative quality and purification effectiveness is pledged by all.

Best water purifier in uae

The reverse osmosis purifying technology evolved over four decades ago. It all started with desalination of sea water and later, after its decontaminating competencies were recognized, the technology started finding use in bottled water plants, purifiers for home use, and other areas. Why worry when you can watch a home demo of the desired system performed at home!

Eureka Forbes water purifiers are the best water purifier systems. Get info on best water purifiers, drinking water purifiers for safe water and more products.


Best water purifier in uae

UAE water

With water sources ending up increasingly contaminated by the day with unsafe sickness causing contaminants like chemicals, smaller scale living beings, harmful metals, and so forth the procedures engaged with getting the water free of the same has turned testing as well. Even advanced methods of treatment in residential areas or municipal corporations will not help in getting rid of the contaminants fully. It is therefore a necessity to get the water purified uae.

With water sources ending up increasingly contaminated by the day with unsafe sickness causing contaminants like chemicals, smaller scale living beings, harmful metals

To know about how to get the best purifier, you will have to familiarize yourself with the various techniques involved as well as the methods. Once you know about the nuances of the functioning of the systems, components used, etc. you will be able to choose the right and the best purifier. To collect information about the same as well as to know about the various available brands, just go online. You will come across a wealth of information materials. Do not miss the comments and reviews posted by users in various water forums. Users post real experiences both positive and negative about the purifier systems they use. You will then be able to choose the brand as well.

UAE water

Do not just blindly buy a purifier only because it is the best purifier based on your survey. You should first get the water you receive tested. You can also come across water testing labs.
The UV water purifier is used at homes where water received in the tap or any source and full of micro organisms. Most of these micro organisms cause water borne diseases that may play havoc on your health. And if you drink such water regularly without getting it purified, you will nurture diseases that will prove dangerous for you in the long run. The UV outfitted in the UV purifier operates deactivating all micro organisms. Go for such a system with multi-purifying techniques involved. It is the need of the hour to protect your health against diseases by drinking only purified water.


UAE water

Water purifier uae

Such a large number of normal afflictions and sicknesses can be anticipated and potentially even cured with an expanded admission of solid water.

Sicknesses, for example,

o Headaches

o Hypertension

o Back agony

o Arthritis

o Ulcers

o Asthma

o Fatigue

o Morning infection

would all be able to profit and as a rule might be forestalled sufficient admission of wellbeing water to control our body’s common liquid levels. The most ideal approach to anticipate’ treat’ and by and large conceivably cure ailment is to give our body the correct things it needs and let it go to work. With the best possible admission of sound water’ the correct minerals and supplements’ our body can overcome nearly anything.

An expanded admission of water and the best possible resistant upgrading herbs, vitamins, and minerals joined with a little persistence and good judgment is the best guard against generally diseases. Permitting our body with its stunning capacity to defeat minor diseases with fever’ fluids(water), and rest expands our common protection and makes us less powerless to these interlopers later on. Genuinely the best offense is a decent “protection.”

Our mind is more than 75% water. When it identifies a lack of accessible liquids it executes a air water purification apportioning process by creating histamines’ causing agony and weariness. Histamines are discharged as a notice flag that something isn’t right. This is intended to back us off and enable monitor to water. When we take antihistamines or drugs, for example, acetaminophen or ibuprofen we are simply killing the flag along these lines enable the issue to advance. Some water and a 20 minute break may conquer most basic cerebral pains.

Water purifier uae

Back agony is frequently the aftereffect of a lack in body liquid levels. Our plates in our back are in all actuality minimal pressure driven safeguards. These plates are comprised of an external shell and loaded with liquid’ basically water. An appropriately hydrated circle makes a pad that ingests the stun of physical action and backings the heaviness of the abdominal area. At the point when these plates wind up noticeably got dried out’ the external shell needs to help a bigger bit of the heap causing torment’ swelling and can prompt more difficult issues.

Water purifier uae

Hypertension is all the time a consequence of the body acclimating to blood volume misfortune. The most well-known reason is parchedness. Blood is over 83% water and is intensely influenced by the level of accessible water in our body. At the point when the body recognizes lost blood volume’ it shuts off less dynamic hairlike beds to keep up blood stream to the more dynamic regions. These vessel closings cause an ascent in pressure inside the bulk which we’ve come to know as “hypertension.” More water permits appropriate blood volumes and less strain.

Joint inflammation torment and solidness is presently comprehended to be an aftereffect of expanded rubbing and swelling in the joints. Water is the thing that our body uses to grease up these joints. At the point when our water levels are decreased there is expanded contact between the ligament surfaces bringing about swelling’ solidness and agony. An expanded admission of water and delicate musical developments of the joints can ease’ and as a rule beat minor ligament torment.

Morning disorder is an immediate aftereffect of lack of hydration. The hatchling lives in a universe of water and the body organizes its needs most importantly others in the body. Amid the night the uterus draws water from the moms framework to keep up its inward liquid levels and those of the hatchling. Toward the beginning of the day the mother stirs in a condition of lack of hydration’ queasiness’ and weariness. Drinking some water before quaint little inn waking may raise those side effects.

As Charles Strand a Water Quality Specialist says “While water isn’t a flat out cure-all’ we should remember it as the base and essential fixing to each preventive and recuperating process inside our body. We are genuinely a sublime creation fit for counteracting and curing even the most exceedingly terrible of malady and sickness.”


Water purifier uae

Air purifier uae

Your folks let you know at some an opportunity to “Pick up the pace!” They couldn’t have known exactly how vital that guideline truly is.

By chlorine, lead is the most widely recognized contaminant found in tap water. Lead in drinking water for the most part starts between the central conduit in the road and the family unit spigot’ so treatment from a main issue isn’t intelligent or pragmatic. Most lead in drinking water originates from lead lined funnels, lead bind and metal pipes installations inside your home. All chrome covered metal and metal pipes apparatuses contain from 8% to 15% lead. Basically, every family with indoor pipes has some level of lead in the pipes structure that may speak to a wellbeing hazard. The EPA gauges that 98% of the sum total of what homes have channels’ apparatuses or bind joints in the family plumbing that can drain some level of lead into the faucet water.

The EPA perceives that there is no sheltered level for lead in drinking purifier water uae  and that any level represents some level of antagonistic well being impacts’ particularly to little youngsters. Indeed, even low levels of lead can causes lessened IQs, learning handicaps and behavioral issues, for example, hypertension and decreased capacity to focus in kids. These impacts are ordinarily deep rooted and irreversible.

One investigation, done in Baltimore MD, demonstrated that youngsters with high blood-lead levels had an essentially higher rate of issue practices than kids with low blood levels and presumed that “this examination loans support to the conviction that undue introduction to lead in youth years may affect the commonness of adolescent wrongdoing in this nation.”

Air purifier uae

In grown-ups lead in drinking water can causes hypertension and diminishes hemoglobin creation essential for oxygen transport. Water borne lead influences each one out of an exceptionally shocking and lasting way. Lead presentation is total and dependable. This poisonous metal is put away by the body’ principally in teeth and bones.

Air purifier uae

Basically, lead has an extremely harming impact on the body’s sensory system. It causes the basic nurturing messages’ sent from the mind to each phone, organ, and tissue in our body to end up noticeably misshaped. This outcomes in the beginning of a chain of unfavorable well being impacts.

It is evaluated by the U.S. EPA that lead in drinking water adds to 480’000 instances of learning issue in youngsters and 560’000 instances of hypertension in grown-ups’ every year in the U.S. alone.

In 1993 the EPA discharged a first-time report that demonstrated the aftereffects of the new “test at the tap” necessities for lead in drinking water. The report archived that in America 42 states surpassed the legitimate furthest reaches of lead in drinking water and that different states neglected to do the required testing. A few territories had lead levels  450 sections for every billion’ thirty times the lawful furthest reaches.

The greatest disaster of lead tainting from drinking water is that it is totally preventable. By making a couple of basic strides’ start with Point-Of-Use filtration of our drinking water you can for actually wipe out the devastating impacts of lead on our public and in particular from our kids.

Air purifier uae

list of water treatment companies in Dubai

Your parents always told you to brush your teeth everyday, wash your hands before dinner and after using the bathroom, take a bath or shower, basically they where telling you to keep your outside clean. What they forgot to teach you is that keeping clean inside is just as important. In fact a growing number of health practitioners are encouraging their clients to look at herbal supplements, diets high in fiber rich foods, and colon cleansing for a healthy body.
Cleansing is a simple concept. For nutrients we consume absorbed and used properly the colon needs thoroughly cleansed and toxins regularly removed. A colon cleanse can help to remove the toxic material and allow the intestines and colon to do at its peak drinking water in Dubai
Anything stopping the body from absorbing the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids, etc) will impact your bodies systems and can lead to:
o Occasional Constipation
o Bloating and Gas
o Fatigue and Moodiness
o Weight Gain
o And more

list of water treatment companies in Dubai

Bowl movements are not part of the conversations around the water cooler or even among family members. So those who experience less frequent eliminations many times are too afraid to talk about the problem with their health care provider. In fact up to $725 million on OTC laxatives yearly to correct the troubles.

list of water treatment companies in Dubai

Most of us eat three meals a day. Then you eat it causes the large intestine to begin contractions to move your previous meals through the colon for elimination. Your food should only be in your system 12 – 24 hrs. So after breakfast your body should naturally begin to move yesterdays breakfast out of your body. Being ‘Regular’ is having bowel movements each day, not just the once a day or even every other day like many people suffer with.
One key to good colon health is a diet consisting of raw whole foods. Food like fruits and vegetables, nut and whole grains are naturally high in fiber and enzymes to help the digestion process. The fiber adds bulk to our diet which helps food and waste move through our digestive system. The average person only consumes 13 or fewer grams of fiber daily while the Recommended Daily Intake is up to 38 grams per day. It is easy to see why we spend so much money on OTC products to help us out.
A second key to good colon health is good clean water. Water fiber and keeps our bowels hydrated. This is important because dehydration can lead to occasional constipation or to even more serious problems. Adequate water intake helps to keep the flow of materials through the colon, helps to dilute and remove toxins, and helps you to feel fuller.


list of water treatment companies in Dubai

Dubai water

The human body is comprised of more than 70% water. Our blood is over 80%’ our cerebrum more than 75%’ and the human liver is astonishing 96% water!

Our bodies are machines intended to keep running on water and minerals. The nurturing and mending process that occur inside our body happen just with water. Our body intuitively knows how and endeavors to manage energetic life span’ and water is the key in its exertion. The amount and nature of the water we drink dramatically affects our well being too.


Each phone in our body is controlled by electrical signs sent through our sensory system from the mind. Thin of our nerves as an intricate arrangement of small conduits. In the event that the liquid inside our nerves thickens because of preparedness or is defiled with manufactured chemicals or lethal overwhelming metals, for example, lead’ those fundamental signs can get contorted. A few specialists now trust that the mutilation of these signs might be a reason for some degenerative and neurological ailments like Attention Deficit Disorder’ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ uneasiness’ and wretchedness. Considering the significant part water plays in the capacity of our mind and sensory system’ its virtue is conceivably the most basic key to sound life span.

Dubai water

Dubai water


The nature of the water we drink is vital. On the off chance that the water we expend as of now contains chlorine or other chemicals’ it can not do poisons of our body also. Devouring water that contains hints of a portion of the 80,000+ manufactured chemicals what we utilize powers the liver and kidneys to sift through those destructive debases, eventually harming or notwithstanding devastating two of our most crucial organs. With a plentiful admission of good, clean’ sound water we enable our body to play out all the mending forms that it is normally able to do. The most ideal approach to guarantee the expulsion of the chemicals and poisons exhibit in our water is by a fantastic purpose of-utilization Dubai tap water framework.


Appropriate assimilation and supplement ingestion likewise rely upon a solid admission of water. All together for our body to get the nourishing an incentive from our sustenance and supplements’ we should devour a lot of good water. Since sugars and starches are assimilated all the more quickly’ any slight level of lack of hydration will cause out bodies to get the calories without the sustenance from the nourishment we eat.


Dubai water

Dubai tap water

Fluoride is a trace mineral found in differing concentrations in foods and water. Foods high in fluoride include fish, tea, and many different vegetables. It is added into the municipal water supply of many cities in the United States.

Water companies have historically added fluoride to the water to help prevent tooth decay for freshness, and they try to maintain a level of 1.5 – 2.5 mg/L (or 1.0 – 2.0 ppm). Water concentrations of Fluoride above 5 mg/L (or 5ppm) is detrimental to ones tooth structure and overall health.

Healthy natural, organic fluorine is present in food items such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Unhealthy inorganic fluorine, known as Fluoride (or other chemical names such as Sodium Fluoride (i.e. NaF or Na-F), Hydroelectricity acid (HFS), or Sodium Silica Fluoride (SSF)), is a waste product of aluminum and is found in toothpaste, fertilizers and some rat poisons. The MCL (Maximum Contaminant Level) of Fluoride established for drinking water by the U.S. EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) is 4 mg/L (or 4ppm).

Grab your tube of toothpaste. Look at the warnings about Water Filter Dubai It reads something like this “If swallowed get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.” And that is only a pea sized amount of toothpaste, the same amount in a glass of water filter.

Dubai tap water

Dubai tap water

Why is it that we are told it is O.K. to drink fluoride in our water, yet warned to contact the Poison Center if we swallow some toothpaste?

Five Reasons Not to use Fluoride

  1. Fluoridation’s role in the decline of tooth decay is in serious doubt. The biggest survey ever conducted in the america by the National Institute of Dental Research showed little difference in tooth decay among children in fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities.
  2. It is not an essential nutrient. No disease has ever been linked to a deficiency. Humans can have perfectly good teeth without it.
  3. Fluoridation is not necessary. The Western Europe countries are not fluoridated and have experienced the same decline in dental decay as the america.
  4. The levels put into water (1 ppm) is up to 200 times higher than normally found in mothers’ milk.
  5. Some people such as manual laborers, athletes, diabetics, and people with kidney disease  and different types of diseases drink hard water than others, and we receive fluoride from sources other than the water supply such as some foods and beverages.

Dubai tap water

So safe water filter Dubai

Are you eating flax daily? If not, you are missing an easy way to protect your health. Flax is one of nature’s powerful healers. It is an extremely abundant source of essential fatty acids (EFAs), free-radical fighting lignans, as well as fiber. The EFAs in flax are proven promoters of cardio health as well as support mental functions. Plus the substantial amounts of both soluble and insoluble fiber support healthy digestion and bowel movements and helps with weight management.

Here are Ten reasons to add flax to your daily routine:

  1. Normal Cholesterol Levels – The EFAs and fiber in flax are sure to help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
    2. Healthy Blood Pressure – The EFAs will promote normal blood viscosity, which will help with healthy circulation and normal blood pressure levels.
    3. Healthy Weight – Soluble fiber in flax helps promote a feeling of fullness, which may help you maintain a health weight.
    4. Normal Blood Sugar Levels – The soluble fiber helps to slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates resulting in more stable blood sugar and insulin levels of Air water companies in Dubai.
    5. Regularity – The healthy dose of insoluble fiber in flax bulks up the stool and helps it pass through the intestines thus keeping your bowel movements regular and your entire digestive system healthy.
    6. Helps Keep Your Mind Sharp – Flax contains the most abundant plant source of alphalinolenic acid, an omega-3 essential fatty acid. The alphalinolenic acid is converted in the body into DHA and EPA (the same as found in fish oil), which will help improve cognitive functions.
    7. Protection from Free-Radical Damage – Flax is a rich source of lignans which protect against free radical damage.
    8. Healthy Joints – The omega-3 EFAs from flax help promote a proper inflammatory response in your body, including your joints.
    9. Eye Health – Research suggests that getting more omega-3 EFAs in your diet may promote eye health as you get older.
    10. Moist, Healthy Skin – Because flax is such a rich source of EFAs, by adding ground flax to your diet can help moisturize your skin from the inside out.

So safe water filter


So safe water filter Dubai

Adding flax to your diet is easy and very beneficial to your body. If you are not eating flax each day it’s time for you to get started. The key is to make flax a part of your diet as much as possible. Here are Ten ways to do just that:

  1. Add it to ANY cold or hot cereal. Use Flax Seed Oil in place of butter on your bagel, toast, or English muffin.
    2. Put ¼ cup in your favorite yogurt or cottage cheese.
    3. Blend it with your smoothie or protein drink.
    4. Add it to your favorite meat or turkey loaf recipe, or hamburgers.
    5. Sprinkle it on your PBJ.
    6. Add it to your scrambled eggs in the morning.
    7. Sprinkle it on your vegetables.
    8. Top your salad with it or add it to your favorite dressing.
    9. Store your flax seeds anywhere. A huge advantage to whole flax seeds is that until they are ground they have a very long shelf life.
    10. Designate a specific grinder for your flax and keep it clean so the oils won’t go rancid.

So safe water filter Dubai