2 Stage Under Counter System

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Aqua RO 2 stages under counter water filtration system is specially designed for maximum effectiveness results up to 95% chlorine removing with excellent filtration filters and reduces Chlorine taste and odor, Fertilizers, Pesticides, sediment, particulate matter lead, chlorine, chlorinates and cysts and also save useful minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Aqua RO 2 stages under counter water benefits of a GAC/KDF filter cartridge. RO 2 stage water purifier cartridge removes particulates as small as possible maximum 1.0 micron & effectively filters chlorine taste and rust, sediment, and particulate matter for clear, great-tasting water. Due to solid carbon block filter cartridge achieved outstanding performance.

Aqua RO 2 stages under counter water filtration system provides 2500 gallons per day with great tasting crystal clear water; from Aqua RO 2 stage Drinking Water Filter gives you clean, healthy, tasting water from the expediency of your tap so you never have wait to buy another water dipper pitcher.

Aqua RO 2 Stage under Counter RO System cartridges in this system must be replaced on a regular basis to maintain efficiency and to maintain water quality.

RO 2 stage filter cartridges works organized to remove possible impurities from your tap water and must be replaced every 6-11 months.

Replace the RO 2 Stage filters and get Healthier drinking water direct from the tap and you can save much credit for plastic bottles; any important change in performance of the Aqua RO  2 Stage under Counter RO System should be considered promptly to avoid secondary damage or decline to other parts of the RO System.

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