RO 5 Stage- 200 Water Filter

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Aqua RO-200 is special water purifier with microcomputer system and economical designed for residential and commercial purposes. Kent 5 stage RO 200 provide safe, pure water. RO-200 High capacity / High Flow booster pump suitable for food processing industries, restaurants, Hotels, manufacturing units, schools and shopping Centre,

AQUA RO -200/5 Stages.

Stage 1 RO 200 Polypropylene sediment filter —removes dust, particles, and rust. Stage 2 RO 200 cartages 20’ removes chlorine, organic contaminants, odor, pesticides, and cysts. Stage 3 RO 200 20’ Carbon Block Cartridge, removes residual chlorine, extends membrane life. Stage 4 RO 200 PCS 100gal R.O. Membrane, eliminates up to 90 ~ 99 % of chemicals, metals, bacteria, dissolved solids and viruses. Stage 5 Activated Carbon Filter removes any residual impurities from the tank


Aqua RO reverse osmosis system adding to your water softener, you’re providing your family the clean and pure drinking water possible. Reverse osmosis removes large number of impurities which are commonly in ordinary tap water making your pure drinking water taste improved. Aqua RO 5 Stage reverse osmosis system can be assured you’re providing your family clean, purified water that is so essential to their health.


• 5 stage RO System with pump • Filter Cartridge: • Working: Automatic • Water Flow: 200GPD • Voltage: 220V, 50/60Hz • Pressure Tank: 11G or 20G

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