Reverse osmosis system

Reverse osmosis system

Water is a necessity and this necessity has given birth to another necessity that of making this water clean and potable. The need of clean drinking water has caused man to come up with something or the other every time to purify water. Different  kinds of water filters have come and gone with the up gradation of  technology. These days a very popular and successful one being the reverse osmosis and also shower filter Dubai.

Osmosis is the diffusion of a solvent through a semi permeable membrane. In the process of osmosis, the solvent moves from a lower solute level to higher solute level through a semi permeable membrane. When an external pressure is applied on the side with higher concentration of solute it is said to be going through the process of reverse osmosis. Osmotic pressure is created when an external pressure is applied on the side with a higher concentration of solute.

Reverse osmosis system

The most prominent advantage offered by the process of reverse osmosis is that it can be controlled and manipulated as desired by controlling the amount of external pressure applied. By applying pressure to the right point, the direction of the flow of water or another liquid is then reversed rather than continuing through the flow of the membrane.

Reverse osmosis system

The process of reverse osmosis finds a common application in water filtering and purification systems. It is a great success and is effective in keeping the water clean and free of toxins. The process of reverse osmosis and diffusion are often used synonymous although reverse osmosis is completely different from diffusion process.

Kent water purifiers integrate the process of reverse osmosis to give you water that is free from toxins and other harmful substances. These water filter  purifiers really pure water that is devoid of various kinds of microorganisms. Kent water purifiers not only remove harmful substances like salts and heavy metals but also keep intact of essential minerals through its patented Mineral RO technology.

Kent Mineral RO technology is the safest bet when it comes to providing clean drinking water.


Reverse osmosis system

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